6 Most Expensive Hobbies

Have you ever wondered what hobbies do the rich kids have? Well, it certainly cannot be reading books, watching TV, collecting stamps or dancing. It is pretty clear they would have hobbies that common people cannot afford. Since they have the money, why not spend it? So here are the top hobbies of the rich guys.
1. Collecting art
By art, it does not mean normal art. This is Picasso and Davinci art we are talking about. These paintings cost millions of dollars and the most expensive painting sold at 142 million dollars; a piece of work by Triptych. Considering that you need to ‘buy’ your hobby, this takes the number one spot in the list.
2. Collecting vintage cars
The most expensive vintage car which was a Mercedes Formula One race car was sold for 29.6 million dollars. Only a few individuals from the entire world practice this as a hobby.
3. Keeping exotic pets
Since these people have enough money to have their own animals and couldn’t be bothered to visit the zoo each time they want to see a lion, tiger, cheetah or snake, they buy such exotic animals and have them as pets. The cost per animal can be so high, especially if they are endangered. Having a license itself to keep such pets is expensive so you could imagine the price of an actual animal.
4. Collecting antiques
Antiques are expensive due to its historic value. The harder to obtain, the pricey it gets. Antiques can vary from sculptures, carpets and silk clothes to chandeliers and even jewellery. Some rich people travel all around the world to get the antiques that they want.
5. Taking aviation classes
Most of us might dream of flying in an airplane, let alone be the pilot of one. The rich and famous take aviation classes costing around hundred thousand dollars for and hour. Well, these classes might pay off since most of them actually own airplanes.
6. Yacht racing
Yacht racing has always been a high-end sport. The rich and famous may own yachts or even pay a high yacht rental Abu Dhabi and hire a yacht just for the races. Considering that some yachts cost more than 800 million dollars, this sport should obviously be in the list.Even if you do consider renting yachts which are used boats, you’d still end up paying more than 5000 dollars and upwards per day. Yacht racing is very popular in Dubai and other Middle Eastern cities.
These exotic hobbies will always be practiced among the rich. Even if you do get rich and famous, make it a point to give something back to society. Only then will you be making good use of your money.

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