Fitness And Health Benefits Of Dancing

There is no such age for dancing. From kids to elders, anyone would enjoy dancing. It would bring people together; let you have a great time and also not forgetting the countless health benefits you’d experience. So here are a few reasons why you should get those feet tapping.

1. It will keep you young forever

Dancing unbelievably delays the aging progression, keeping you young always. It benefits your heart and lungs by giving them the necessary exercise to keep them healthy. It has been found that the muscle energy and breathing amounts of a dancer is equal to that of a cyclist, swimmer as well as an Olympic runner. So why wait? Join your nearest Dubai dance academy now.

2. Lubricated joints and strong bones

With age, people experience severe joint and muscle pains. Dancing would prevent osteoporosis and other joint illnesses in men and women both. In women experiencing menopause, Estrogen levels will drop significantly which prevents the absorption of calcium to bones. Also, both men and women would go through arthritis. Dancing could prevent such illnesses largely.

3. It is a calorie burner and diabetics controller

With increased circulation due to dancing, it helps burn those extra calories you’ve always been worried about. It also improves stamina in you. It is found that dancing would burn five to ten calories per min dependent on the intensity and speed. Modern workouts add dancing elements too. Zumba is the best example for calorie-burning dance forms. There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol in our bodies. Dancing helps in lipid control which will raise the good cholesterol and will lower the bad cholesterol. It will also control your blood sugar levels.

4. Socially satisfying and a good mental exercise

Joining a dance class such as rhythmic gymnastics classes Dubai would let you meet new friends and have a social life. Friends help in keeping us happy which will keep us healthy too. Also, you’d be giving your brain some exercises since you will be using your memory to recall all the steps, routines and dance patterns. This will help keep you mind young, quick and alert.

5. Experience new cultures and relieve stress

Dancing is a universal language. People from all around the world would come together on the dance floor since dancing does not have any cultural barriers. This will also help you meet new people and learn about different cultures. Dancing elevates our mood which then would release endorphin which is the stress-reliever hormone. Dancing would improve your self-confidence and discipline too.

Other than the above, dancing would let you live a balanced life and also groom you to perfection. So get up and start dancing to stay young and strong always.

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