How To Go On A Vacation Without Actually Leaving Your House

Going out for vacations are not for everyone. Some of us are broke, carless, too introverted or simply lazy to go any farther than the nearest department store. In this situation, ingenious people can simply use their imaginations to experience a vacation without physically going anywhere. If that’s too hard, check out these steps that will certainly let you have the best vacation ever, right where you are:
1. Paradise beach vacation in a bathtub
You can’t afford a Maldivian resort island. No worries, if you can’t go to the Maldives, the Maldives can come to you. All you need is YouTube, some sea salt and some blue food coloring or another type of non-toxic dye. Fill your bathtub as you like. Then add the sea salt just enough to give the water that briny tang. Then add a drop of blue dye to make the water perfectly azure, or turquoise, or blue-green as you like. Take your laptop or smartphone to access YouTube and play a beach video with the sound of the ocean. And, voila, that’s a paradise beach vacation right there in your bathroom.
2. Go to Paris inside a photo booth
This may have been tried a million times before, but it’s a trick that never goes out of style. If you really want to stick to the principle of going on a holiday without taking a step off your porch, then get your smartphone ready. Pose for a picture as if you would at a hip destination like Hawaii. Now, upload the photo to your computer, and use a program like Photoshop to replace the living room behind you with a white-sand beach. You are now in Maui as far as your Facebook friends are concerned. If you are not tech-savvy, go to the nearest photobooth and take a much more realistic looking picture.
3. Blue Lagoon in your backyard
You don’t have to buy an expensive plane ticket to Mexico to experience jumping into the Yucatan swimming hole. An inflatable backyard pool can substitute to the alluring destination. To get that Mexican flavor, order in some tacos and nachos, and complement them with cheap tequila (or pineapple juice for non-alcoholics).
4. At-home Thai massage
A real, invigorating Thai massage that is, not the sleazy kind. For this you’ll need a consenting partner with firm fingers and some baby oil. Incense sticks and music will help too. Watch a video guide to Thai massages online, and then ask your partner to try their best to rub that kink off your shoulders.
If all else fails, simply drag a chair outside on a sunny day and sunbathe with a Ben & Jerry’s tub in hand. Aspen will never beat that.

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