The Diagnosis And Treatment Of A Concussion

Concussions are one of the most common types of brain injuries. They are usually also the mildest. They can occur due to sports injuries, car accidents, or any type of accident that causes a blow to the head. A concussion is termed as an injury that temporarily interrupts the functioning of the brain.

It is always important to get checked by the best neurologist Dubai if you have had any injury to the head. The brain is extremely important to the proper functioning of a person. You need to ensure that there is no significant damage done to the organ. Here is the best way to diagnose and treat a concussion:


Individuals who may be concussed often have a few defining symptoms. For instance, they may be aware of a great deal of discomfort in their head. They may also have a continuing headache. In certain instances, there is a feeling of nausea which is sometimes followed by vomiting. People who are concussed can exhibit confusion regarding their surrounding or the questions that they are being asked. They may also be disoriented and appear to be stunned. In some cases, concussions can also lead to some temporary impairments in memory.


There are typically three ways that a person is diagnosed with a concussion. They should be seen by the best neurologist available at the hospital in Dubai. The doctor will run a battery of neurological exams to ensure the adequate functioning of the brain. The specialist will then determine if any further tests should be run on the patient. These tests are usually either a CT scan or an MRI scan. Depending on the results of the CT scan, an MRI scan may also be ordered just to be certain. These tests are usually able to prove the presence or absence of a concussion.


There is no definitive treatment for a concussion. You can apply a cold compress to the site of the injury to reduce the discomfort as well as the pain. The best thing to do, however, is to get plenty of rest. It is only with an adequate amount of rest that the symptoms of a concussion will disappear. In most cases, the effects of this injury should dissipate in a few days. It is important, however, to have constant companionship for at least twenty four hours after the accident has occurred. This is to ensure that there are no other effects of the injury.

It is important to receive immediate medical attention if you have had any injury to your head at all. You should always have a thorough examination by a brain specialist.

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