The Joys Of Island Paradise

Seaside getaways have always been one of the most popular holiday destinations for holidaymakers worldwide. There is nothing better than sun, the sand and the surf, to relax you down to your bones. There is always so much to do and so much to see when you are at the beachside.

The Sea as Your Front Porch

Stay in beach hotels which are built close to the seashore, and enjoy having direct access to strips of private beaches. You can take a dip in the ocean any time you fancy!

The Catch of the Ocean

There is nothing islanders love more, than fresh seafood. Indulge in a variety of freshly caught fish, prawns and crabs which you can pick-up from local seafood markets in the area.

A Glimpse into another World

Many beach hotels offer good package deals to their guests which include activities like glass bottom boat rides. You can observe the fish, coral and sea turtles swim under your feet as you gaze past the boat’s transparent bottom. Some resorts also have whale or dolphin watching excursions, though these may be seasonal. Link here for the hotel that offers a unique blend of traditional Arabian flair with luxury modern amenities.

Ahoy Adrenaline Junkies

Where there are clear blue expanses of water, there’s likely to be fun-filled water sport activities. Jet skiing, wind surfing, surfing, and speed boat driving are all activities that are usually offered by the beach. Make sure to wear life jackets though, and follow all the safety instructions!

Be an Explorer

Colourful coral reefs, waters teeming with an array of water wildlife and sites of old ship wrecks are perfect to explore while snorkelling or scuba diving. Many seaside resorts offer courses on scuba diving for beginners, and also have contact with local guides who can take you on underwater excursions.


For those laid-back souls who want to relax above all else, what better way than to lie back under the sun and soak up a good dose of vitamin D. Tanning is a favourite pastime of most European tourists, however caution should be taken to not stay exposed to the sun for extended periods of time, and to wear sunblock with adequate UV ray protection.

Castles in the Sand

For the little bundles of energy that are still too young to be allowed in the sea, building sand castles and drawing pictures in the sea are ideal pastimes.

For the Romantics

There is a reason that tropical islands have long been part of many a honeymoon tradition. Long walks on the beach at sunset, or romantic candle-lit diners on the beach are ideal ways to rekindle the spark in any relationship.

A trip to the seaside offers something that any member of a vacationing party can enjoy, be they young or old, single or married, and adventurous or relaxed.

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