Tips For Setting Up A New Business

Setting up a business would require quite a bit of effort and also involves a fair bit of risk especially when starting out. If you follow a strict plan and are confident in making it successful then you should be able to run a successful new business. Here are some tips that can get you started.

Make sure you have a good capital

One of the worst things that could happen is that you begin the process of setting up the business but later realise that you don’t have enough fund to continue. There are two options in such a scenario. One is that you abandon the whole idea which would incur a huge loss to you as you would’ve wasted a lot of money during the setting up stage. The other option is that you look to get a loan to help you continue, but this would leave you in debt which would leave a lot at stake if the business doesn’t generate the profits you would have expected. So always make sure you factor in all the expenses when you decide on your capital investment.


Regardless of what you will be selling, there will definitely be some transportation involved. This could be between you and the supplier or your manufacturing plant, or even between you and the customer. Try to find an agency within the country that you live in, who have a good reputation of providing logistics. If you live in Ethiopia for instance, then look for Ethiopia logistics companies that are reputed for providing a good service.

Decide if you want to import

Sometimes, you could end up getting goods a lot cheaper if you were to import it from a country that either manufactures the product, or if it is a natural resource, a country that has it in abundance. This would mean that you will have to look for a company that is willing to supply to your country or look for an international moving company that can transport the goods to you.

Aftersales service

The key to thriving in a business industry is to maintain customer satisfaction. Doing so would not only mean that you get regular customers but also has the benefit of them spreading the word about your company to their relatives and friends. In order to maintain customer satisfaction, you need to set the price of the goods right and provide good aftersales services such as warranty or a money back guarantee if there are any defects.

These tips should be quite helpful in helping you set up your business.

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